These are some of the wonderful people you will meet at the resort.

Salim the head chef
Salim, the Head Chef

Salim is our chef of many years. He is well-known for his pizzas, as they are the best in Diani! He is also famous for his mouthwatering sea food and other world class cuisine. Indulge yourself in a rare culinary experience, courtesy of Chef Salim.

Ali our Head Gardener
Ali, the Head Gardener

Ali is our Mr. green Thumb. He has been with us since Soul Breeze Beach Resort started. He is responsible for our beautiful gardens. He will also serve you madafu with their coconut juice, a tasty coastal refreshment. Don’t forget to tip him.

Dennis, the Pastry Chef

Dennis is one of the key players in our restaurant team and is part of the happy mood at Soul Breeze.

The gym coach
Ben Mr 4%

If you want to live healthy, you need to visit the gym regularly. So come to Soul Breeze and Ben, our gym Instructor, will help you keep fit.

Faiz tennis couch
Faiz Tennis coach

Faiz, our tennis coach, is one of the top seeded players in Africa. Come and play tennis with him or even bring your kids along for tennis classes.