soul breeze bar

Soul Breeze Bar and Restaurant

Something we shouldn’t forget – FOOD. Fresh, healthy, and very tasty! Our Beach Restaurant serves you the best Pizza in Diani, fresh seafood, local specialties like pilau and biriani, as well as vegetarian food. As for the delicious breakfast, it’s included in our room rates.


Come down to our resort and have a fun day playing tennis with your friends. If you’d like to play with a professional, we have our very own Faiz, one of the best Kenyan tennis players. Bring your kids along to have fun and play or even get tennis classes. We have daily classes ran by Faiz.

Tennis Court
soul breeze swimming pool

The Swimming Pool

Want to relax by the poolside? Welcome to our resort and enjoy top flight service by the pool. You can also bring your kids to enjoy swimming. And while relaxing, our service team will attend to you, ready to serve you with food or drinks.

Beach Volleyball

The first time you step on the sand at our seafront, you’ll think it’s the finest flour. So soft that you won’t believe it. This sand makes it perfect to play some beach volleyball and jump after the ball and score points. Horn your skills here. And also don’t forget, we have weekly beach volleyball and football competitions.

Beach volleyball
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Jungle Gym

The Jungle gym is specifically designed and suited for your physical exercise needs. We have specialized gym instructors and facilities just for you.

Enjoy your Holiday

Fishing Trips

Meet the locals. Feel free to go for a little fishing excursion with the friendly locals next to our Resort. The little support you give to them is handy, and time with them may well give you a unique fishing experience. You could also learn more about life in Diani from our friends.

star fish
Day Trips

We organize several day Trips. Chale Island, Funzi Island, Wassini Island and more are waiting for you. Discover these beautiful little Islands with our professional tour guides.

Travel to our local animal parks and see the magestic lions

Safaris are your once in a lifetime chance to get see, at close quarters, the famed game of Africa – the elephants, lions, giraffes and more – in their natural habitat. Tsavo East & West are the closest of the big wildlife reserves next to our Resort, but we can also arrange for tours to other reserves like the Maasai Mara.

Scuba Duka

Scuba Duka is the diving school on our compound. We truly believe in giving you quality experiences, so the instructor attends to a group of 6 people maximum at any one time. You can also get your open water license and become a diving master after training in our diving school.

water surfing
Kite Motion

Why should you enjoy the view of the ocean only from the beach? Between December and March, you can take a surfing board and use the perfect wind to go kiting. Even if it’s your first try… Don’t worry, the Kite Motions team will teach you how to have fun in the ocean.